Men’s Health

Each year, men make 150 million less visits to a doctor’s office than women. Unfortunately, this lower number is not because men are healthier than women. The reality is men often do not visit a health care provider when they are sick or have a condition that needs medical attention. Why don’t they go? There could be many reasons such as:

  • Fear of bad news
  • Discomfort being examined
  • Belief that you can “walk it off”
  • Fear of being perceived as weak
  • Lack of doctor patient relationship

Consequently, while some medical issues may resolve themselves without clinical treatment, there is the risk of more severe damage if the condition continues without treatment. A trip to the doctor’s office isn’t necessary every time you sneeze, but if there is ever a doubt about your well-being a trip to Open Arms Healthcare Center is needed.

Health care for Men
At Open Arms Healthcare Center we focus on prevention and early diagnosis of common health issues such as diabetes and heart disease.  Open Arms Healthcare Center offers the following men’s health services:

  • Annual wellness exam
    • Reproductive/sexual health problem
    • Age appropriate screenings for testicular and prostate cancer
    • Screening for STIs
    • Sexual risk reduction
    • Blood glucose testing
    • Cholesterol testing
  • Substance abuse screening
  • Mental health screening




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