Primary Healthcare Services

OAHCC’s Primary Healthcare Services are a means to having a relationship with a medical provider and a team of clinical and support staff who will work with you to keep you healthy, be easily accessible when you are sick with common problems (flu, sexually transmitted infections (STDs), fevers, etc.), and manage chronic health problems (diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, etc.). Primary care at OAHCC’s means you have a “medical home,” where you and your care team know each other – a place where you are welcomed and cared for.

How do I become a patient?
We are excited that you are thinking about becoming our patient! To schedule an appointment for medical, mental health, or other health-related services at Open Arms Healthcare Center, please register here or call 601.500.7660. We will need basic information about you to schedule your first appointment.

How do I pay?
Open Arms Healthcare Center accepts most insurances as well as offer sliding scale fees for our services for those with no insurance.

1.  For clients without insurance, services are available on a cash basis.
2.  For patients with limited income, we offer a sliding fee schedule. Charges are as low as $25
     for a doctor visit although additional charges for lab and other services may apply.
3.  Payment plans are available with credit card payments.

No one will be denied services for lack of ability to pay.

For more information or to schedule a financial screening appointment, call 601.500.7660.

What should you bring?
1.  Have proper, Government issued photo I.D.
2.  Be either insured by a Medicare, Medicaid, or Blue Cross Blue Shield.
     Patients covered by Out of state or other medical insurance will be responsible for filing their
     own claim.
3.  If uninsured please apply for financial hardship and be prepared to provide the proper
     information to obtain insurance, if you qualify).
4.  Bring a copy of your Insurance Card (if applicable).
5.  Any medication that you have been prescribed.


As a patient at Open Arms Healthcare Center, you have certain rights and responsibilities. A copy of Open Arms Healthcare Center’s Rights and Responsibilities Statement is provided to every new patient at the time of registration and forms the basis of the relationship between Open Arms Healthcare Center and each patient Open Arms Healthcare Center serves.



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