Primary Care Services

Adult Medical Care

Have you experienced challenges in accessing quality, culturally sensitive healthcare? If so, then you are not alone. Open Arms Healthcare Center employees are experts in addressing the specific health needs of individuals regardless of life challenges and lifestyle choices. We are dedicated to creating a welcoming environment for all to receive quality health care services. Consequently, while some medical issues may resolve themselves without clinical treatment, there is risk of more severe damage if the condition continues without treatment. A trip to the doctor’s office isn’t necessary every time you sneeze, but if there is ever a doubt about your well-being, a trip to Open Arms Healthcare Center is needed.

At Open Arms Healthcare Center, we focus on prevention and early diagnosis of common health issues such as diabetes and heart disease. Open Arms Healthcare Center offers the following men’s and women’s health services:

    • Annual wellness exams
      • Reproductive/sexual health
      • Age-appropriate screenings for testicular and prostate cancer
      • Screening for STIs
      • Sexual risk reduction
      • Blood glucose testing
      • Cholesterol testing
      • Substance abuse screening
      • Mental health screening
      • Nutritional counseling
      • Mammogram referrals


      Family Planning

      Our physicians provide a full range of consultative and specialized services to meet the needs of reproductive age individuals and postmenopausal women. Our health care professionals are specially trained to be sensitive to the needs of women and focus on the prevention and early detection of common health issues.

      • Annual wellness exams
        • Breast health care
        • Pap smears
        • Urinary tract infections
        • Vaginal infections
      • Birth control counseling and management
      • Pregnancy testing
      • Health promotion and prevention services


Transgender Health

The mission of Open Arms Healthcare Center’s Transgender Health Services is to provide transgender people with culturally and linguistically competent care in a welcoming, comfortable, and safe environment. Open Arms Healthcare Center provides comprehensive primary health care as well as trans-specific services including:

      • Wellness evaluation and screenings
        • Gender affirmation therapy
        • Chest/Breast exam
        • Pelvic exam & Pap tests
        • Prostate exam
        • Sexually transmitted infection screenings
      • Harm reduction Counseling
      • HIV care coordination
      • Mental health
      • Substance abuse counseling

We accept most major insurance providers as well as Medicaid and Medicare.
For clients without insurance, services are available on a cash basis. For patients with limited income, we offer a sliding fee schedule. Charges are as low as $40 for a doctor visit. Additional charges for labs and other services may apply. Charges for labs related to hormone therapy range from $300-$600. Financial assistance is available.
For more information or to schedule a financial assistance appointment, please call (601) 500-7660.


For patients receiving medical care at Open Arms Healthcare Center, we offer assistance with obtaining benefits and entitlements. Referrals are provided for services including health insurance, financial assistance, intimate partner violence, legal assistance, housing, and other public and private resources.
How does it work?
HIV Primary Care patients are eligible for assistance in navigating and obtaining HIV public and private benefits such as health insurance, financial assistance, individual and group mental health, substance use counseling, and HIV specific services. Patients are also provided with supportive counseling around issues of eligibility and entitlements as well as harm/risk reduction and crisis counseling. Patients enrolled in this program receive intensive services both within the clinic and in their communities/homes around issues of treatment/illness education, treatment adherence, and case management services. Patients are connected with both a Care Coordinator and a Patient Navigator and are provided with appointment reminders and escorts, advocacy at various social service agencies, and assurance of continuity of care. Active patients are eligible to obtain transportation as needed.

Transgender Care Coordination
Our Transgender HIV Care Services connects patients of transgender and gender non-conforming (TGNC) identity to available resources, including culturally competent medical referrals, community resources, and legal services for assistance with name and gender marker changes. Patients are also provided with TGNC-specific health education, supportive counseling, HIV testing and counseling, assistance in obtaining identity documentation, applying for public benefits, navigating insurance and health benefits, and advocacy.

Women’s HIV Care Coordination
This assists patients in obtaining health insurance coverage for women’s health services as well as navigating external social service systems such as health insurance, public assistance, mental health care, intimate partner violence, partner counseling for PrEP and other referrals as needed. Education and supportive counseling is provided for women with women’s health related questions. Follow-up and financial assistance is also available for women in need of diagnostic tests for annual exams.

Men’s HIV Care Coordination
Assists patients in obtaining health insurance coverage for men’s health services as well as navigating external social service systems such as health insurance, support groups, transportation, mental health care, partner counseling for PrEP, and other referrals as needed. Education and supportive counseling is provided for men with men’s health related questions.

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