The Open Arms Healthcare Center (OAHCC) is a vibrant, patient-focused healthcare center that is aiming to achieve the goals of national prevention strategies in Mississippi, including Healthy People 2020 National HIV/AIDS Strategy Million Hearts , and National Prevention Strategy.

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Opened in 2013 under the auspices of
My Brother’s Keeper, Inc. , OAHCC addresses the alarming rates of adult and childhood obesity, new HIV infections and AIDS cases in African-American gay and bisexual men and heterosexual African-American women, and other chronic and infectious diseases among populations in Mississippi. OAHCC is home to specialized/holistic care with an emphasis on HIV/AIDS and cardiovascular disease. Being located along the Jackson Health-Care Corridor allows for integrative services with quick referrals to other proximate healthcare providers.

The OAHCC employees are well-trained, culturally competent and understanding healthcare professionals who are eager and ready to serve.

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