Intensive HIV Risk Reducation Clinic

Open Arms Healthcare Center collaborates with My Brother’s Keeper’s Center for Community-Based Programs (CCBP) to reduce the impact of HIV within local communities through biomedical and behavioral interventions.  Project activities include:

Biomedical HIV Interventions use medical, clinical, and public health approaches designed to moderate biological and physiological factors to prevent HIV infection, reduce susceptibility to HIV and/or decrease HIV infectiousness. Biomedical interventions such as antiretroviral treatment (ART) have demonstrated effectiveness for in both improving health outcomes and reducing HIV transmission risks for HIV-infected patients.

Behavioral HIV Interventions include a combination of scientifically proven cost-effective, targeted and scalable interventions for maximum impact on the HIV epidemic. These strategies have been proven effective through research studies that showed positive behavioral (e.g., use of condoms; reduction in number of partners) and/or health outcomes (e.g., reduction in the number of new STD infections). Studies employed rigorous research designs, with both intervention and control groups, so that the positive outcomes could be attributed to the interventions.





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